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No Doubt Int. Fan Club

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11.10.2007 22:04, Poison :
You're a moron. This site is completely shit.
"This section is currently unavaliable because No Doubt has so much going on right now that they ae not avaliable to answer these questions. We have already got a lot of questions to ask them."
OR they don't want to talk to some idiot that takes fans money and tells them to send fanmail to you.

11.10.2007 09:25, Dave :
Just to let you know Gwen turned 38 this birthday NOT 39.

19.09.2007 23:20, Rhi :
Are you on crack? Telling these fans to send ND fanmail directly to YOU? Are you insane! Hopefully this site gets shut down!

18.09.2007 01:46, Joslene E-mail :
You are on tour with gwen right now aren't you? I was looking forward to hearing all about your adventures around Europe. I would love to see updates on the website about your time there.

24.06.2007 16:25, Clarissa E-mail :
No Doubt all the way baby.

14.05.2007 00:36, Natalie Homepage :
hey this is nd-rocks from the No Doubt Community forums cool site

03.05.2007 18:28, yen from Brunei Darussalam E-mail :
so have you post the mag?

08.04.2007 16:15, Hasrin E-mail :
Hi, can i use Brunei dollar to buy your Tk magazines??

04.04.2007 19:57, Patrick J. Larsen E-mail Homepage :
Finally the guestbook is back again, spread the word about the NDIFC!!!

Page: < 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Entries: 49
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